We Can Get Back into the Light

Back Into the Light

We Can Get Back to the Light…

“The human soul is to God is as the flower to the Sun; It opens at its approach, and shuts when it withdraws.”- Benjamin Whichcote


“God, like the sun, emanates on all: on the hill exposed in the open, on the plant growing in the window, Even on the weed getting cracks of light under the porch. The same source of spirit emanates on our different lives, regardless of our circumstance. Thus our experience and perception of God in the world may be limited in different, may even change, but that doesn’t define or limit the Source.


And though the sun appears to disappear everyday, it is the earth that turns away, causing night. Likewise, when it appears that God is nowhere to be found, it is we, in the term oil of our lives, who turn away or are turned away and back, again and again.


But unlike weeds that grow under the porch, we can move back into the light.”-Mark Nepo, ‘The Book of Awakening’


The above passage was used in my classes this past week.  We had just finished the journey thru the chakras, and I felt there was so much we had all been through.  There is so much we could go back and dig deeper into, unpack, unearth, and shed Light upon*.  Intuitively, I felt we could all use a reminder, a breather.  And Mark Nepo’s book was calling me.  So, I reached for it from my alter, and of course, the first page I opened to was the message that was wanting to be seen, heard, and experienced.


We moved and breathed with our Light. We challenged ourselves to question how CAN we remember the Light is always shining upon us, no matter what?  And, how can we move our self back into the Light when we can’t see it or feel it?  


Occasionally I would offer these mantras that I had discovered in embodying Mark Nepo’s message:

“Love/God is always pouring into me and my life.”
“Love/God is shining upon me.”
“I am Love/God/Source.”
“God/Universe/Source/Love is a limitless source.”
“I am limitless in my capacity.”
“Love never turns away from me.”
“May I heal my hurts/wounds with love and remember my Light.”
“I can move back into the Light.”
“My I lift my thoughts to the Light that is always pouring into me and my life.”
“I am worthy.”
“May I let my Light shine.”
“May I allow my Self to receive the Light/Love of the Universe.”


How do you move back into the Light?  Perhaps movement, or meditation.  Maybe it is a walk in nature, to remember your own innate Nature!  Maybe it is shining Light upon someone else, and in doing so, your Light gets brighter.  Maybe it is remembering someone who loves you.  There might be as many ways to move back to the Light, as there are human beings.  Everyone can have their own way of returning when it feels as if love is not around.  For one young mother I knew, it was dancing with her little baby.  And, for another, it is sitting still on their meditation cushion. 


I asked most of my classes this week to think of one thing they could do this week that will move them back into the Light.  For me, it will be playing the song ‘Darling’, by Beautiful Chorus!
What will it be for you?


I cannot tell from week to week what any of you are going through.  And, we don’t often get the chance to connect deeply, share vulnerably, and be able to shine the Light upon each other.  I am creating an opportunity for that to happen in the up coming months…for us to come together, heart to heart, and to lift each other up to the Light.  And as we lift each other up, we are lifted our Self!  It’s not always easy, and sometimes complicated, but moving back into the Light IS always possible.  You are showing up.  To life and to practice.   And even if you do not feel like you are showing up, don’t berate yourself because of that; don’t perpetuate that cycle.  Rather, offer yourself patience, time, and love.  Start there, with love.  Sometimes coming back into your Light, remembering your worth and amazingness, is a process in and of itself.
“I got this.”
“Stay open.”
“Keep going.”
“Keep focus to the Light and the Love within.”


Our Closing Meditation:
Take a moment, breathe.  Become still, if possible.  Imagine yourself at one of your most favorite places in nature!  Envision yourself there.  Imagine the sun begins to rise, and casts its nourishing warmth upon you.  Be alive here, with all your senses!  What do you see, hear, taste, and smell?  What do you feel; around you, and within you?  What emotions?  The Light around you is the Light within you.  Bask here for a while.  Receive.  When you are ready to leave, take on last look around and offer gratitude.  This place is now a part of you, in your heart. You can go there anytime, and be in the Light.


The above picture is one of my favorite places in nature!  Sanibel Island, Florida.  And, yes, that’s me after my wedding in 2014.


Breathe and Believe,

p.s.*Don’t worry if you are wanting to go back in, nourish what you had planted in our chakra journey, and ritualistically burn what was not working.  I have something in store for you this fall!  It is going to be a journey where all things can be brought into the Light.  A fully supported cultivation that allows your own Light to reveal to you what you are seeking, how to get there, and what you will need to shed in order to transcend, transmute, and transform! Feel free to email me if you are interested to learn more.