Taking Solace in the Waves

What effects are you wanting to create in the “shape” of your world and that of others, just like the waves shape the shore?  Email me and let me know.

A para-sailor glides over the cliffs as waves meet Moss Beach.  Moss Beach, California.

I’m just going to dive right in, pun intended. 😉

Choosing to be fully present to all of life. I consciously choose to be fully present to all of life. This means choosing to experience failure, grief, anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, frustration, and also excitement, joy, happiness, love, awe, and more. 

What I see, witness, and experience, and my perceptions of it all, create “shapes” of who I am. From how I physically hold my body, to the way the waves of my mind form; these “shapes” and “forms” also affect the “shapes” of my surroundings – my energy, body, attitude, emotions, and mindset affect the world and people around me.  I can move my chair to a new location in the room.  I can open and ‘move’ someone with a smile.  I can also witness how my own heart can be cracked open by a child being born, the loss of a loved one, a beautiful photograph, a moving song, or anything else that enters my world, my “shapes”.

Being out here in the west, in California, I have take much solace in the waves.  Waves of the ocean.  And also “waves” of thoughts, waves of emotions, waves of changes, waves of life’s shifting ‘forms’ because it means the erosion is happening.  New worlds are forming and I have effect over what shapes it will take.

I take solace in the waves because it is by their consistent erosion of the land, that the land becomes shaped. Breaking down rocks, moving sediment, shifting sand. It’s never ending, always reshaping a new unique form.  

Swim in the silence of your heart, take solace in the waves. To take solace is to take comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness. Offer solace. Solace as a verb is to give comfort or consolation to.  Offer yourself an inner sanctuary of solace.

Speaking metaphorically, when I am in a “low tide,” life can get pretty stinky.  No motivation, the uncomfortable energies of fear and uncertainty feel heavy.  But, I also forget what nourishment can come from other perspectives of this “low tide.”  Perhaps it is time to rest, to regroup, or to stop and look down instead of up; for when I looked down during the recent low tide at Half Moon Bay, CA, I saw and heard an immense cacophony of life! I saw hundreds of crabs scurrying around!  Life was living, moving, “forming,” even in the “low tide.”  It’s also when birds caught a lot of fish, and we can catch a lot of our best ideas during those moments of more stillness.

And then can come our “high tides.”  Rushing, goal oriented, seeking, motivated, and energized.  Focused and fierce, like the waves that get larger and larger.  Each crash seems to have more impact, and surges can happen as the ‘weather’, our actions and thoughts, pick up!  It can feel good, and other times overwhelming.  Instead of being submerged by overwhelm, may we remember we are always submerged in the divine; covered in love and protection.

These waves are guided by a pull, a gravitational pull, that is relational to the moon. I attribute this to our souls being pulled by the gravitational energy and nurturing embrace of Source/Universe/Creator guiding us to the shore of love and Self realization.

You have the same pull as the moon, the same power as the waves, and can effect powerful new “shapes” of your heart, mind, soul, body, and those of others. 

Sometimes, for me this feels huge, and too much for me to handle, because I desire to support all in feeling this infinite love within them self, so how do I do this!?  How can I create such change?  But, I know I can, if even for one!  And you can too!  You can do it for yourself.  You can do it for one person, and for that one person, it will mean the world!  The tide goes high, and I can and do!  The tide goes low, the wave as my Self, flows back into the arms of the ocean; I surrender to Love/God/Source.  

Remember, Source/God/Atman/Universe has been lovingly tugging all of us from the beginning. Source has always been shaping our ‘form’ to be of love, and for love.  Universe wants us to know we have That same power and energy to shape ourselves and the world.  We are made of the same stuff as stars; may we remember the Fireflies words from last week, “there is a fire in your soul – the seed of a star.  Focus on that and let your Light shine outward, fulfilling hopes and dreams.”

Here is a beautiful mudra, Uttarabodhi Mudra, that has been giving me solace to remembering my Light when I feel less than or overwhelmed.  This mudra uplifts One whenever down. It calms mind and offers that solace before taking on difficult tasks.  This mantra helps guidance us towards enlightenment and universal knowledge.  It’s a mudra to use when you wish to build self-confidence and remember your true self! It removes fears and reminds us to have faith.


Breathe and Believe.