Use Your Lion Heart to set intentions this new moon!

July’s new moon happened on July 28th and is in the zodiac sign of Leo, the lion.  This new moon has particular potency when it comes to energy. Not only because it is in the sign of Leo but also because it is in a trine with Jupiter in Aries. This trine adds a cloak […]

Remembering our Personal and Universal Nature

  Ajahn Chah, teacher to Jack Kornfield, says: You should know both the universal and the personal, the realm of forms and the freedom to not cling to them. The forms of the world have their place, but in another way there is nothing there. To be free, we need to respect both of these […]

Source of Strength

Source of Strength  July 12th to August 2nd Curriculum down below.  Sliding scale $79/$89/$99 Start with yourSelf here PREFACE:  In case you need a reminder… You have no idea just how powerful you are! How did that make you feel? How did your body react? You can navigate today’s world and your own inner world […]

Bones of Compassion

When we meet and experience each other from a heart level, flesh falls away. What is left are the bones of compassion that hold each of us up. How do we get to the heart? How do we see from the heart? We must become fearless, vulnerable, and naked.  And we will eventually have to […]