How I went from doubt to daring!

After listening to, and experiencing, some incredible shares during the ‘Sunday Morning Special’ class inside “Journey to the Peak“, I felt a call to do a sort of “Back to the Future“.  Let’s start at the beginning. Which is a “very good place to start”. -“Do-Re-Mi”, Sound of Music , but that’s a different movie […]

These prompts have me in inquiry lately

How is your heart?   When you see your heart, as it is today, what is your heart needing? In my MMTCP training, we were led through a beautiful guided meditation. We were invited to picture a path.  As we were guided along the path, it was spoken to us that we were about to turn […]

Pilgrimage – the yearning of the heart

From her book ” pilgrimage – the sacred art : Journey to the center of the heart”, Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook writes: “The sacred art of pilgrimage involves both an inward and outward journey. … The pilgrim’s strives to hold both the inward and outward journey together, sometimes in tension, but always focused on the search […]

7 Questions for Constructive Introspection

Blog by fellow yoga teacher and my VA, Juzbi Walia:  When was the last time you gave yourself a luxurious amount of time and space to sit down and deeply reflect on your current thoughts and actions? The last time you pondered about what it means to live a fulfilling life and check if your […]

Grab your all-terrain boots! Here’s what’s ahead for you and me

Do you know you are on a journey with me?  Grab your all-terrain boots!  There are going to be mountains to climb, waterfalls to swim through, sunsets to gaze at, inclement weather, calm weather, struggles, thrills, laughter, and a TON-O-LOVE! As I recently completed my 42nd trip around the sun, I am only just beginning […]