Turn on your favorite music and just dance!

Moving for Movement’s Sake  Have you ever attempted to release your thoughts and just move your body for movement’s sake? There is a way in which free movement can lead us to a flow state where our thoughts are very few. And there are ways in which we can use repetitive movements that are familiar […]

Restoring our original movement

“Trauma is restricted movement.”-Thomas Hübl It’s no wonder we use phrases like: -I feel stuck -I am so overwhelmed I don’t know which way to go -I feel blocked -I am frozen and feel like I can’t move forward in life  Almost every time that I ask one of my “A.L.I.G.N.” clients to make a […]

A powerful mudra to realize your dreams this year

For the first week of the new year, I actually happened to draw the card of the apana mudra from my mudra deck. A powerful mudra to use when realizing your dreams.  What do you want to experience in this new year?  How do you want to feel in 2024?! Apana is the downward moving […]

Embodied gratitude – Is it possible to feel gratitude?

How can I feel gratitude? What would it be like to be in embodied gratitude?* These are beautiful questions that I was inspired to contemplate. What follows is what flowed through me when I paused to wonder… *Note: The questions came from an incredible ‘Sunday Morning Special’ dharma discussion around gratitude. If you want to […]

I’m grateful for my anger and here’s why

Have you ever been “red in the face” or “blinded by anger”?   I have. I’ve been so angry that the only thing I knew to do at that moment was to literally walk away from the person I was wanting to yell at. And I can tell you, it was a smart thing to do […]

404 Integrative Wellness Day

[c “I have had to learn to invite my broken heart to dine with me at the table. It is meaningless to run now. My broken heart is not a judgment or a crime. It is a detailed record of how I have tried to meet the violence of the world with as much openness […]

Their children are our children

A poem and a prayer for all children in the world. My dear friend Dr. Deborah Adamy offers weekly words of wisdom in her podcast, “Enlighten: Uplift & Inspire”!  Last week she shared a short message for our humanity.  Inside it she quoted Valarie Kaur, a Sikh Activist and documentary filmmaker. Valarie’s quote addressing the […]

Finding equanimity in the midst of suffering

There are topics that, for many various reasons, people hook into in their lives, such as forgiveness, acceptance, rage, love. Whether it’s from personal experiences, necessity, or a heart’s curiosity to figure things out, there’s often a desire for clarity, understanding, healing, or knowing. Equanimity has always been one of these topics for me. I’ve […]

Does surrender equal trust?

I have always believed that becoming a parent is the greatest act of letting go, second to death.  This might sound morbid to some, and yet to me it is truth.  The greatest acts of surrender. For many spiritual practices, death is the ending and the beginning. It is the absorption into the infinite. It […]

Getting real and remembering who we are

Getting Real: A brief note this week and just getting real. 😉 I hope it supports you!  Read to the bottom for a very fun community call to action! I’m gonna be honest, last week was rough.  I thought I was SO prepared for school with the kids even as I was getting over a […]