Faith! A maternity leave love letter.

Recently I was asked what faith meant to me.  After only a minute or two if thought, it came from the heart: Surrender.  Over the years my definition of surrender has changed completely.  It used to be that I equated surrender with an act closer to giving up, and a negative connotation.  Now, Surrender is a chosen act of love and trust; surrendering to that which is Greater than myself and to that which holds me with only It’s best intentions for me; this is the Universe, Source, God, Spirit; this is faith.  It is an act of love, from both God, or Providence, whatever you name it to be, and from my Self back to Source.  There is an unshakeable trust and confidence in this relationship.  This, as well as many other things, is what is carrying me into my second birth.  Birth of my second child, and rebirth of myself.


Thank you all in your unshakeable trust, love, and support of me at his time.  And for my baby, and my family.   I am now officially on maternity leave.  You might see me in another pre-natal class, or taking Maxwell to and from pre-school, but for the most part, I am slowing down.  We are officially 10 days away from due date!  But, you know, kids can have a mind of their own, lol!


I just wanted to lovingly let you all know that you might not see me as much on social media for a while.  Nor will I be responding to emails, unless they are of importance that need immediate response: you should probably put that in the subject matter if so.  I am appreciative of your understanding, as it is my belief, and experience, that the post-partum stage of pregnancy holds some of the MOST challenging moments for a Mother.


Please do stay in touch, despite my delay in responses!  And, please know that I will be back!  I look forward to more classes with you in a few months, and to some AWESOME RETREATS in 2020!! You can always check in here,, or on Facebook and Instagram.


So, I will see you soon! Namaste, take care of yourself as well, and may peace and happiness follow you.