Juneteenth: Let’s uphold equality together

Acknowledging Juneteenth

Juneteenth should not have ever needed to become a holiday date. June 19th should have been a day where all people were already free. 

And, because of the evils of slavery, colonization, and white supremacy, I am also deeply grateful for the celebration.

It should be a day when people, human beings, no matter the shade of their skin, can enjoy summer together, doing whatever they like!

And it is. 

And for WAY TOO many it is not.

Still to this day, as in the past, black people are not free.  Not free on any given day. 

And this is why I take today to write about it. So I can acknowledge what Juneteenth represents and ALL of what it reminds me of that is not perfect yet.

So I can uphold equality.  So I can uphold love. 

And, as a white woman I can do my own educating, inner work, and observations of how systemic white supremacy has killed so many. Affected and infected millions, including myself. 

No more. No longer. 

I have always been a person who wanted freedom for all. Peace for all.  And I have always held the deep desire that every person feels their belonging.

And I still am! 

I’m just not going to play small any longer in my words or actions. It won’t be easy and I will make mistakes, forgive me. And, it’s imperative, necessary. It’s bigger than me. It’s us! 

I hope you will join me.

If you do not know what Juneteenth is about here are some great resources:

-The Humanity Archives,

-National Museum of African American History and Culture,

-Juneteenth Foundation,

Let us all celebrate black freedom today and continue to do the work to ensure freedom rings forever!



Breathe and Believe.