Year End Reflections and What I Look Forward to in 2023

LWhere are you are during this time of reflection! What’s in your heart? What are you planting? What are you letting go of? What are you surrendering to? What are you creating?! Here is what I am experiencing at the end of 2022 as I also look forward to 2023!… I’ll say it again, I […]

Asana – The Physical Act of Storytelling

Yoga asnaa

In an incredible podcast that was recommended to me recently, the host said these words, “physical act of storytelling”. I immediately thought of asanas, the physical postures of yoga. It may come as no surprise that I share with you that they were talking about shapeshifting.  And that is exactly what we do in asanas, […]

Going at the pace of ones body

Slow down my sweet friend, it’s okay.  Go at the pace of the body. What happens when one’s world has expectations, deadlines, appointments, things to do, things to get done, people depending on you, and people needing you?  What happens when your own inner dialogues are ones of worry, fast paced anxiety, guilt of not […]

Seeing through the eyes of your heart

There is a very beautiful ‘pas de deux’, a “dance for two”, taking place between your intuition and your heart… You see, the third eye is for looking. But not just looking, it is for “seeing”. It is your ability to see beyond space, time and form. It is your home of insights and knowing.  […]