Free Intro to Mindfulness Course

“Mindfulness, it’s said, is all-helpful. It is liberating. And it’s helpful in your work, with your kids, in relation to your body. It’s helpful in lovemaking, in gardening, in creating arts, in athletics, in community, and education, and healing. …these are things you can train and put into the health care system, and into education, and into the […]

Savor Simplicity Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Savor Simplicity

Sign up now A relaxing, revitalizing summer retreat in the beautiful Poconos Relax, refresh, and revive yourself – body, mind and soul – in the picturesque, rolling hills of the Poconos mountains.  Slow down and savor the sounds, sights and tastes of summer while refilling your well with daily yoga, meditation, healing sound, creative movement, […]

A Death Defying Experience

As I walked the six stories alone I thought to myself, “Do I really want to do this?” YES!  No. Well, I was thinking how I would like to say I did it, but can I do it?  Not fully sure of myself, I continued on with no one passing me, only those in front […]

You Have No Idea What Your Light Will Do

As we journeyed through the cathedral tall trees, the path broke open the vast hilltop and opened to the glittering, clear, night sky. It felt as if the stars danced our arrival just as much as the flames of the already prepared bonfire.  Everyone was already singing with a silliness “The hills are alive” from […]

Community and Not-self

“To fully understand who I am and what I am capable of, I need to always see myself in terms of a community.”  -John Hunter, public school teacher I’m allowing myself to feel today instead of writing. But I’ll write to support understanding. 😉 As I walked into the great cathedral of Good Shepherd Church […]

I am getting real here

If I am to ‘journey to self’, I feel there must be a willingness first. The willingness to actually be with myself. To take a look at myself. To get to know myself. If I am not willing, then there is no opportunity for change, healing, or growth.*I get real about this at the end […]

Part Two

Fill out THIS survey. You could win! The choice is yours. The choice to embrace your evolution and to create it! Fill out THIS survey. You could win! Let me know what classes you want in the survey. Click Here Pizza Hut, Muncie, Indiana.  The year was 2001 and it was the beginning of my […]

Revolution, The Trilogy Begins!

This is the first of three emails in which I am coming out, you’re invited in, and together we evolve!  As Janet Jackson said, “It’s all for YOU!”  A drawing for BIG prizes and a FREEBIE!  Let’s do this TOGETHER!…Some truly life changing events have happened to me over the past few years.  Some for the worse, and some for the most […]

On Being One’s Self

What would it be like to be your Self all the time? What could you imagine might happen? Mark Nepo wrote in his book “The Book of Awakening”, the following passage: “Like that old saying, “Water fills a hole,” the ways of others will fill the space we live in if we don’t feel that […]

Taking Solace in the Waves

What effects are you wanting to create in the “shape” of your world and that of others, just like the waves shape the shore?  Email me and let me know. A para-sailor glides over the cliffs as waves meet Moss Beach.  Moss Beach, California.   I’m just going to dive right in, pun intended. 😉 […]