Costa Rica | Restore and Rewild Yoga Retreat to the Osa Peninsula SOLD OUT!

Twice-daily yoga classes in Ojo’s purpose-built, sacred Yoga Shala

RESTORE AND REWILD Sold Out! Yoga Retreat to the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica Shawna Emerick & Amy Soucy April 9-15, 2023 Join us Come sing with the monkeys, be embraced by the ocean, and delight in Pura Vida! Immerse yourself in the melodies of the most biodiverse location on Earth and be awed by the […]

Source of Strength

Source of Strength  July 12th to August 2nd Curriculum down below.  Sliding scale $79/$89/$99 Start with yourSelf here PREFACE:  In case you need a reminder… You have no idea just how powerful you are! How did that make you feel? How did your body react? You can navigate today’s world and your own inner world […]

Bones of Compassion

When we meet and experience each other from a heart level, flesh falls away. What is left are the bones of compassion that hold each of us up. How do we get to the heart? How do we see from the heart? We must become fearless, vulnerable, and naked.  And we will eventually have to […]

Honesdale, PA | Dear Self, Welcome Home SOLD OUT!

Dear Self, Welcome Home: A Healing-centered Yoga Retreat At the Himalayan Institute Honesdale, PA It’s with an ecstatic heart that I’m honored to share that Liz Moyer and I will be offering a weekend-long retreat together. A letter from Self to self… Dear self, Welcome home. I’ve missed you. I know we see each other from time […]

Witnessing Harmony and Unity With Our Hearts Open

I’d like to share a story of a beautiful moment that cracked my heart wide open.  It happened on the playground. This moment is what led to this week’s intention for my yoga classes.   Picture her, Quinn, my now three year old daughter. She is sitting at the top of a cute little slide […]

Tending to Our Compassionate Hearts

  It’s always interesting to read an article that I had written in a different space and time. And then to see where the same topic and intention holds true and where it feels different today.   Continuing in this month of exploring love, we arrive at compassion.   It’s important to start back at […]

Inner Strength Women’s Program

Inner Strength Women’s Program Reclaiming the Power You’ve Always Had How are you truly feeling right now? Have you lost the connection to your True Self, your True Home?  And are you judging/blaming yourself for the lost connection on top of the disconnect? Are you ready to live with less doubt and constant questioning?  Do you […]

Hibernation for Healing

Hibernation for Healing a journey of storytelling and embodied experiences for processing change NOV 15, 2020 – FEB 20, 2021 with Liz Moyer & Shawna Emerick REGISTER HERE Join us for a 4-month journey of storytelling and embodied experiences to process the many forms of change occurring during this holiday season. From the personal to […]

Deep Gratitude. Workshops Jan./Feb.!

From My Heart… Words cannot express the overwhelming feelings that I had from all of the responses I received from my last post, “My Miscarriage”.  I could not respond to everyone because there were SO many loving and supportive personal emails.  My apologies for not responding separately, but please know I read them, took them […]